How long will treatment with Divigel® last?

The duration of menopause symptoms is different for each woman and can last for years.

Talk with your healthcare professional periodically about whether you still need treatment with Divigel®.

Concerned about how menopause will affect your lifestyle? Read on for more information to ease your worries.

Do I need to stop using Divigel® before having surgery or other procedures where I will be immobilized for long periods of time?

Speak with your healthcare professional about all medications you are taking if you are considering surgery.

That’s because blood clots may be more likely to occur following some types of surgery. And estrogen may increase your chances of blood clots.

If possible, you should stop taking all estrogen-based medications, such as Divigel®, at least 4 to 6 weeks before you undergo a surgical procedure associated with an increased risk of blood clots or during periods of prolonged immobilization.

Can I apply other lotions or creams, such as sunscreen, to the area of skin where Divigel® has been applied?

Studies conducted using other approved topical estrogen gel products have shown that sunscreens could change the amount of estrogen that is absorbed through the skin into the body.

The effect of applying sunscreen and Divigel® to the same application site has not been clinically evaluated.

However, remember that Divigel® is applied to a discreet area of the upper thigh. Using creams or lotions on other parts of the body should not change the absorption of Divigel® at the application site.