Where can I learn more about Divigel®?

Patient Information is included in each box of Divigel®. Read this information before you start using Divigel® and each time you refill your Divigel® prescription. There may be new information. Refer to Patient Information on the package insert, and please be sure to speak with your doctor regarding other questions about Divigel®.

What dose of Divigel® is right for me?

Because every woman is different, one dose will not fit all. Divigel® has five FDA-approved dosing options, so your healthcare professional can choose the one that’s right for you. Generally, women should be started at 0.25 mg/day, and increase the dose strength as needed to relieve hot flashes and night sweats.

Your doctor will recommend the appropriate starting dose for you, and he or she may adjust the dose depending on your response.

What is Divigel®?

Divigel® is a once-a-day medication to treat moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms (hot flashes and night sweats) due to menopause. Divigel® is formulated as a cool, clear gel that is applied to the skin. Divigel® is invisible, odorless and non-sticky when dry, so no one knows you’re using medication.