Can I apply Divigel® to any part of my body?

No. Divigel® should only be applied to your upper thigh. You should alternate between your right and left thigh each day .
  • Application of Divigel® to other areas of the body, such as the arms or abdomen, has not been tested in clinical studies and, therefore, is not recommended.
  • Do not apply Divigel® to your face, breasts, or irritated skin. Never apply Divigel® in or around the vagina. Contact of the gel with the eyes should be avoided.
  • There is a potential risk for transdermal transmission of estradiol in Divigel® to another individual. To reduce the risk of transmission, cover the applied area until Divigel® has completely dried. Let the Divigel® dry and wash your hands before your thigh or hands touch someone else.